U.B. is ubiquitous – whether you are grilling, making your morning breakfast of juevos rancheros, creating a dipping sauce, marinating or basting meat, or adding snappy flavor to your vegan/vegetarian fair – this is your go to sauce.

Meat or veggies – it compliments everything.

The LBD [Little Black Dress] of sauces – UB is an exclusive blend of spices that delivers a sauce without the usual smoky/sweet flavors.

UB appeals to nutritionally conscious consumers because of the proprietary blend of spices used in it’s creation. As was the creators’ primary goal, it compliments a wide variety of palates.

The company was masterminded by two sisters, one vegetarian – one not, with an international flair for the culinary arts. One of the sisters holds two certifications from Le Cordon Bleu.

Everything but subtle, UB is not a traditional grilling/dipping sauce. It was created by deconstructing traditional barbecue sauces and eliminating typical ingredients at the root of many health problems such as gluten, corn, and artificial colorants.

UB harnesses the power of natural spice with a hint of mustard. It is a gutsy gustatory sensation that inspires the user to explore its many uses.